Preferences House

Jalan Babatan Pantai, Surabaya

East Java, Indonesia

The living situation in an urban house is not always occupied by a complete family, i.e., parents and their children. Instead, this house will be inhabited by siblings who are migrants from outside the island. The younger sibling is about to pursue formal education at a private university in Surabaya, while the older sibling is in the process of preparing for marriage and will live in the house with his partner for the next few years.

With such a situation, the house needs to be planned with two different types of behaviors that will significantly differ in their activities and the privacy needed. The younger sibling requires separate alternative access to comfortably engage in activities with their friends without disturbing the privacy of the older sibling. Yet, at specific times, they can perform activities together, such as having meals and gatherings in the living room. Consequently, the house is designed with spatial arrangement and circulation that accommodates various preferences according to the privacy needs of each occupant.