Shared Ambience House

Perumahan Pantai Mentari, Surabaya

East Java | Indonesia

The pattern of family life in the current generation has undergone many shifts from previous generation. One of the resulting changes is lack of quality time with all family members, which occurs due to high demands for mobility and activities outside home.

Therefore, creating an expected ambiance when family members are at home at the same time becomes vital when designing a house. This underlies the concept of this house, aiming to produce most optimal arrangement for interaction between spaces with different activities.

The circulation is intended to be a spot for interaction with children, starting from the front terrace, side courtyard, and stairs detailed to resemble hotwheels car toy trajectories. Every room for routine activities for parents, such as the workspace and kitchen, has a direct view of these “play” spaces. Consequently, even though each family member carries out different activities in their respective rooms, there is still a shared ambience that fosters the impression of togetherness.