Indonesian Young Architect Bali

Curated Exhibitor : Refer To Meaning Of Dayuh by AIGI Architect + Associates

2017 | 1 Are House Living Space For Bali's Millenial IYA Exhibition Bali, Indonesia

The main concept of this design is to refer back to the meaning of the word “Dayuh” which means it is shady, where it is very closely related in describing the place of place “Genah”. Referring to this word we can take a distance from the thought of building massive walls upward as the sole solution to overcome the limitations of the land, to be able to focus on the concept of shady area arrangement in the traditional Balinese house arrangement.

The implementation of orientation, circulation and proportion which are the three things found in the concept of traditional Balinese houses are also developed in accordance with the changing phase of the productive family situation so that vertical expansion is still required and in this context to the floor underneath it while still applying those rules.

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