Interior Design

Interior design is a planning aspect that often overlaps with architecture, and our experience has proven that a good interior planner must be able to understand the architectural planning, as the outer and inner spaces are interconnected. In this expertise, we always analyze the architectural planning first to be able to synchronize it, and then move on to the following stages:

  1. Architectural-related : A detailed review of the design of all interior elements related to architecture, such as walls and partitions, ceilings, flooring, doors and windows, as well as additional electrical requirements for the interior.

  2. Fixed furniture : Designing and detailing all furniture embedded in the wall, such as cupboards, kitchen cabinets, sinks, and others. Technically, because it is customized, we also specify finishing materials, frame estimates, and hardware as a reference for making furniture in the workshop.

  3. Loose furniture : Selecting loose furniture where we will propose alternative items according to the design to be purchased directly by the project owner or handed over to us to arrange the purchase.

  4. Styling : Completing the accessories and decoration of the room with the same process as the selection of loose furniture.