Mansion Hill Villa


Jalan Goa Gong, Ungasan

Bali | Indonesia


Villas in Bali are buildings commonly found in places with tourism potential. They are known for offering an intimate and warm atmosphere. As a result, villas typically have only one or two floors with low room heights.

This cluster of villas offers a unique experience because it gives a tall and majestic impression, like a mansion-type building. The concept of “mansion hill villa” not only arose from the owner’s desire to offer a non-mainstream value, but it is also supported by several potential values from the location and potential users.

Located on a high hill in the Ungasan area, this villa has the potential to offer views of the sea and the landing point from Ngurah Rai airport. Therefore, the rear side of the villa is dominated by wide and high glass openings to maximize this view. The elongated size of the site, adjusted for the number of villas required according to business calculations, directed the design to optimize the number of floors up to three floors plus a rooftop.

The combination of value considerations and design implementation results in a villa cluster that offers a different viewing experience on each floor. This is also in line with the expected users, who are foreign couples or young families looking for vacation experiences in high areas rather than coastal areas.