A I G I  Studio 

Jl. Baruk Utara IX/27 Surabaya | East Java Indonesia

Accurate   |   Interdependent   |   Goodwill   |   Improvement                                      

AIGI Architect + Associates has one main goal to deliver real and tangible value to project owners and building users. Therefore, the presence of an office or studio is to hone competencies that realize these goals through a culture that we believe in : accurate in the information cycle (accuracy), have the ability to contribute at each stage of the project (interdependent), ownership & interest in realizing a successful project (goodwill), and faithful to go through every process and revision for self-value add (improvement)

Each project is directed by the principal and handled by an in-charge architect, who has attended training, meets the competency standards of AIGI, has had involvement in several projects until completion, and / or has a professional Indonesian architect certification.