Shared Ambience House


Perumahan Pantai Mentari, Surabaya

East Java | Indonesia


The family life of the current generation has undergone significant changes compared to the previous generation, with limited time spent together as a result of the high demands of mobility and activities outside the home. Therefore, creating a conducive atmosphere for family gatherings at home has become a vital aspect to consider when designing a house. This is the underlying concept of this house, where the layout is optimized for interactions between different spaces and activities.

The circulation area is designed as a spot for interaction with children, from the front terrace, side yard, to the staircase which is detailed for a hotwheels car track. Each room for the parents’ routine activities, such as the workspace and kitchen, has a direct view of the circulation area. This means that even though each family member is engaged in different activities in their respective rooms, there is a shared atmosphere that unites the presence of all family members.